Ely MILKS provides information and support for mums who are breastfeeding. We believe choosing to breastfeed your baby is one of the most positive decisions you can make for your child’s health and development. 

Breastfeeding is the natural and normal way to feed a baby but we know that it can be challenging at times. Every woman’s breastfeeding experience is different and most women agree that the support of other women who have breastfed is very valuable. You can read a small selection of breastfeeding stories here

Ely MILKS is a small charity run by a group of local mothers, many of whom hold qualifications in breastfeeding support, and all of whom have personal breastfeeding experience. We passionately believe that every woman should be given the help and support to choose breastfeeding and to keep breastfeeding if problems arise. You can read all about us here.

There are lots of great up-to-date breastfeeding resources on the web but sometimes it can be difficult to sift through the myths and find what you want. We keep a list of the best web links to save you time. You can access them here.